God loves you.  It’s that simple. 

He made you and he knows everything about you.  Throughout your life – even when you did not recognize it – he has cared for you and patiently waited for you to ask him to reveal the plan he has for your life.  He deeply desires for you to know him and to love him in return.

Sometimes people think that they have done too much wrong for God to love them.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  As Christians, we understand that God loves us and that he proved it by sending his Son – Jesus – to pay the penalty for our wrongdoing.  By placing our faith in Jesus, we can be restored to relationship with God and can fully enjoy him.  The truth is – no matter what you’ve done – God loves you and has made a way for you to be made right with him.

Come and learn about Jesus!  We’d love the opportunity to show you what we have learned and help you to discover a path back to relationship with God.