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Children hold a special place in God's heart.  It is our privilege as a church to be able to come alongside parents to help them to teach their children about God's amazing love.  It is our hope to empower parents with tools and resources to be able to develop their child's faith day-by-day.  In doing so, we strive to make sure children know three foundational truths:

God Made Them

Every child was created by God with a unique personality and set of talents.  He made them to use these things to be a blessing to the world.  Knowing that God made them is a first step in a child's understanding that he cares for them.

God Loves Them

We want children to know that God loves them deeply.  He is with them throughout the ups and downs of life and never forgets them.  A child's understanding of God's love for them is the primary way they learn to love others.

He Wants to Know Them

We seek to show children that God is not an impersonal force, but rather a loving Creator who wants to have a relationship with them.  As children come to understand this, they come to trust in God's guidance and seek him for answers.

House Churches

The primary way in which our people gather is in homes in the community.  The House Church gathering is a home-based group that engages in prayer, singing, and Bible discussion.  The goal is for people to develop close friendships and to share in the events of life together.  Children are a vital part of House Churches.  Our goal is for kids to recognize that they are welcomed and loved by the whole group.

First Sunday Morning schedule

Each First Sunday consists of a short Bible lesson, game, and a craft.

Nursery (Ages 0 - 3 years) - Nursery care is available beginning at 2:00

Children (Ages 3 - 5th Grade) - Children enjoy a time of teaching, games, and crafts beginning at 2:00.  Children sit with their parents for the first half of the worship service at 3:00 and then go to the Children's Area for a time of play and snacks.

*All of our ministry volunteers undergo a comprehensive background check and complete a full training program.

Parent Involvement

Parents are the primary spiritual leaders in a child's life.  Our Children's Ministry team strives to come alongside parents to equip them to develop a plan to continue to build their child's faith throughout the week.  Through the development of resources and tools, our team works to coach families to incorporate Christian teaching into everyday life.

Our Children's Ministry team looks forward to partnering with you in developing your child's faith.  If you have any questions, please feel free to CONTACT us.