This Apostle Peter wrote this letter to churches scattered by persecution.  It is a letter of deep, practical theology that centers around the everyday aspects of living as a Christ-follower in a world that doesn't necessarily affirm the teachings of Christ.  This verse-by-verse study is meant to encourage the Christ-follower to stay true to God's teachings, no matter how bleak things may sometimes appear.  

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The lifelong process of being a student-follower of Jesus is called "discipleship".  It is the understanding of the Christ-follower that Jesus came not just to get people to profess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord - but, rather that they would have their hearts transformed by God into a new creation.  Our goal is a living, real expression of a changed heart and mind that impacts how we live everyday.  This series explores how Christ-followers for thousands of years have developed in their relationship with God.

Jesus has always been God's plan to repair the broken relationship between man and God.  Throughout the Old Testament (the writings in the Bible that precede Jesus' birth), God continually promises that He will send a Savior who will rescue people from their shortcomings and failures and will restore them to a proper place as children of God.  Below is a 4-week teaching on the themes of Love, Peace, Hope, and Joy - four themes that are historically observed each Christmas in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day.

The Apostle Paul wrote this epistle (letter) to the church in a town called Colossae - a backwater town in a region of the Roman Empire located in present-day Turkey.  The letter is designed to give this fledgling church a deep sense of the basics of the Christian worldview - who Jesus is, what He came to do, and how Christians can live in a manner worthy of the gift of life Jesus gives.  Below is a downloadable verse-by-verse teaching through this wonderful book of the Bible.