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Though we love gathering all of our people together for a large Sunday church service filled with singing, prayer, and a sermon, we feel that perhaps that is not the best environment for people to develop deep friendships and experience the fullness of what a church family is all about.  So, instead of a weekly church service we encourage people to participate in a House Church.

People grow best when they know that other people care for them.  The best place at Simple Life Church to develop friendships and to be supported and loved is in a House Church – a home based gathering of a handful of people.  The primary purpose of House Church is to make friends, learn, and serve together.

House Churches meet in different homes around the city with a special emphasis on caring for one another, having fun, and learning to try to live like Jesus.  Some groups meet every week and some meet every other week. 

For more information on being part of a House Church, CONTACT us.