Everyone I know wants to escape.

Amid the hectic pace of modern life filled with careers and commutes and kids and debt, the constant cry from those I know is “let me out of here”!  They want to be liberated from the tyranny of the urgent into the peace and freedom of a simple life.

One friend of mine is building a tiny house.  Another bought a farm and some goats.  One more quit his job for no discernable reason – just to force himself to disconnect from the mundane pattern of knowing where he was going to be each day.  All these friends are just worn out on modern life.  They want a return to a different, simpler time.

We are a church for these people – the frazzled, the stressed, the confused, and the overextended.  We desire to be a simple space that fits into the pattern of people’s lives and shows them that God can liberate them right where they are.  We want to show that true peace comes not from goats, but from the Gospel.

Come and enter into the Simple Life.  We can't wait to meet you.