Simple Life Church is full of – well, simple people.  We are just average folks trying our hardest to learn how to follow Jesus.  You will find the people here to be committed to hospitality and ready to give you and your loved ones a warm welcome.

House Churches

House Churches are the primary way in which our people get together on a regular basis.  Instead of gathering weekly for a worship service and sermon, our people meet in homes around the community.  This helps our people to develop deeper friendships and to share in the ups-and-downs of life together in a comfortable setting.  House Church gatherings include times of prayer and Bible discussion for adults and kids.  If you'd like to visit one of our House Churches - contact us.  We'd love to meet you! 

First Sunday Services

First Sunday is a time for our various House Churches to come together for a combined time of fellowship, worship, food, learning and discussion. Because we only gather everyone together one time monthly, this time together is designed to take the better part of the Sunday afternoon. We begin at 2pm with an educational hour of lessons for our adults and our kids. At 3pm we engage in a worship service that lasts about 70 minutes. Our services begin with a few minutes of musical worship – usually four or five songs sung aloud by the congregation as they are led by our music team.  There is then a short period of prayer followed by announcements.  Some weeks include some special discussion about the work of the church in the community and around the world.  At this point, the children are excused to go to Children’s Church where they play games and do crafts. Following a short break, one of our teachers gives a sermon lasting 25-30 minutes.  After service we share a meal together and a time of small group discussion.  Frequently we then spend time together in some sort of activity - such as a nature walk, playtime with the kids at the park, or something else relaxing and fun.


We meet at 2pm on the First Sunday of each month at Pleasant View Church of the Nazarene at 801 NE 194th Street in Ridgefield (very close to the Clark County Fairgrounds) .  We borrow this space from our generous friends at Pleasant View for our monthly gathering.  The building is a traditional church building with a great meeting space and a dedicated children's wing full of fun opportunities.


Our teaching is primarily a verse-by-verse teaching through the Bible – with a focus on applying the Bible’s teaching to everyday life.  If you don’t know the Bible very well, that is perfectly OK.  We are committed to making the teaching easy to understand and useful to people of all levels of knowledge.


Our music consists of simple Christian songs played primarily on acoustic instruments.  The music is designed to be engaging and fun.  You are welcome to sing along if you choose or simply listen.


We believe that God has a special love for children.  Our ministry is designed to teach kids that God loves them and that he wants to have a relationship with them.  During our First Sunday gatherings we offer nursery care from Newborn to 3 years old.  Children ages 3 through 5th Grade stay with their parents during the musical worship portion of the service.  At the break, parents walk them to their class where they engage in a short Bible lesson, participate in crafts and activities, and have a snack.

What to Wear

Most of our people dress casually, but you are free to wear whatever you choose. 

Still Have Questions?

If you still have additional questions about your visit to Simple Life Church, please CONTACT us.  We will be happy to help you.